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Profile / bio-graphy of Hrishitaa Bhatt
Hrishitaa Bhatt - hrishitaa_bhatt_001.jpg
Hrishitaa Bhatt

A.k.a / common misspelling: Rishitta Bhatt

IMDB page:

Occupation : Actress

Hrishitaa Bhatt was only 17 years old when Ashoka was offered to her. At the time she was not even sure that she wanted to do films. She signed "Ashoka" because she was keen to work with Santosh Sivan and was keen on playing the deglamourised role of a Buddhist. She has began her career with "Liril Campaign".

Ashoka, Shararat, Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar, Haasil, Out of Control and Ab Tak Chappan six films in 3 years, with big banners and bigger co-stars. But yet she is waiting for one hit. She believes in perseverance and timing.

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